Swift City Tours Ghana was incorporated as an alternative for travelers who needed a simple process regarding visa application and others who needed a firm to handle all their travel issues.

We manage your travel on all domestic and international routes for any airline, offering the best services by our professional and experienced staffs at the best price available as per your requirement and preference of travel.

Our services are quite unique; Our group tour and expedition services enable students and other people afford networking whilst experiencing new cultures.

We have most attractive and conducive Hotel deals for popular destinations and we provide a better reservation experience for their travel purpose.

Mission Statement
Swift City Tours Ghana  is dedicated in making travel and tour easy and to provide high quality services in the tourism and hospitality industry, timely and efficiently.

Swift City Tours Ghana works at fulfilling this mission by placing keen emphasis on:

  • Prompt service delivery
  • Competitive pricing of services
  • Diligence in giving honest and fair advice to clients
  • Keep proper records of all clients data
  • Lawfully acting at all times in the interest of clients
  • Progressive programs & strategies aimed at motivating our employees to produce their best


Visa Application – We believe in speaking the truth when making visa applications to the consulates. Our services are based on honesty, objectivity and the respect of the law.

Group Travel – We organize trips for group of students, families and corporate clients. We choose interesting destinations that also ensure the security of our travelers. Our trips are designed to give you a lasting impression of your host country.

Flight/Hotel – We research for the best fares, the best deals and the best services on offer in choosing your airline, accommodation and  needs.

At the Cape Coast Castle

Swift City Tours

Group Tours

Our small оr lаrgе group style of travel mеаnѕ you will stay under the guidance, trаvеl the lосаl wау, еаt thе lосаl wау аnd ѕlеер thе lосаl wау. You will get аѕ сlоѕе to rеаl lіfе аѕ роѕѕіblе (without асtuаllу mоvіng in). You will have the unsurpassed knоwlеdgе оf a local lеаdеr, tаkіng уоu оut of thе guidebooks аnd іntо a world you are waiting tо dіѕсоvеr. You рlаn fоr small оr lаrgе grоuр, рrіvаtе оr ѕреісаl іntеrеѕt tоur, ѕсhооl оr соllеgе grоuр tоur, wе take уоu tо vіѕіt thе cities оf Africa and more and experience a holiday that is unforgettable & brings memories for a lifetime.

At the Akosombo Dam

Swift City Tours

School / College Group Tours

Swift City Tours Ghana is one of the Leading Educational Group Tour Operator. We work with most of leading Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions worldwide. We plan School and College Trips, Adventure Camps and Activities and Special Interests Education Tour Programme. We assist in destination finalising, venue selection, negotiating with all the vendors, hotel contracting, arranging transportation for transfers and local visits, industrial visit, universities visit, lab visits, sightseeing, shopping tours etc. We create list of the participants (Student and Faculties), selection of activities & contents of special interest educational programme, duration and food menus (Hotels and En Routes). We keep safety & security of participants & image of insitiute on TOP priority whenever we organize school/college group tour.