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Immigrant Visa
An immigrant visa is a document issued by a consular officer (CO) or entry clearance officer (ECO) abroad that allows you to travel to a country and apply for admission as a legal permanent resident. A person can be granted an immigrant visa on the basis of marriage, family (ancestral) ties.
A client can apply for an immigrant visa in a country mostly in the following cases

  • Family sponsored
  • Employer sponsored
  • Immediate relatives
  • Special immigrants

Non-Immigrant Visa
A non-immigrant visa allows a client to travel to a port-of-entry to request admittance from a border official. It is the visa for most clients whose stay will be temporary. Most visa types are classed under this category and are granted for reasons such as

  • Studying
  • Business
  • Tourism
  • Medical
  • Transit
  • Temporal Work